Hi there, I’m Rahadian D. Dewandono. Simply call me Dewa (they-waa). Welcome to my blog.
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Professional Work

I am a digital consultant with intensive experience in Software Development and Solution Delivery. I am a typical person who is lifelong learner, persistent, and work-with-passion. Based on what my friends think of me on LinkedIn, I am proficient in .NET and Front-end Technologies like React.js.

Not limited to coding, I possess strong understanding in Software Architecture, Agile Software Development, Test-Driven Development, UML design, Software Versioning, and Database Design. I like to brainstorm about high-level software architectural design, project management strategies, and technical equipment for the project. During my working experience, I have ever become a team member, a team leader, a project manager, a CEO, and even, a client. A 360-degree understanding related to dealing with project is necessary for me.

I started to have professional software development project since in University. I have developed a wide variety of software, such as web company profile, e-commerce, and large-scale enterprise application for budgeting, finance, and HR process. For further information, please visit list of my works here . You can also view my code on GitHub account here.

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In addition to the above technical aspects, I am so grateful for several awards that I have achieved. I joined several organizations, forums, and voluntary societies to enhance my leadership, communication, and management skills. Getting involved in start-up businesses also empowers my entrepreneurial skill.

I am a big fan of Progressive Rock, especially Dream Theater. During my daily commutes (home from/to workplace), I always listen to podcasts. My favorite channels are Developer Tea, Scott Hanselman’s Podcast, TED Radio Hour, Tim Ferriss Show, BBC The Inquiry, and other technology-and-business-related podcasts. I also like sport. Running, playing futsal, swimming, and working out at the gym are my routine activities. I believe that having a healthy body will boost our mind, energy, and productivity.

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In this blog, you will find some of my thought regarding Software Development, as well as, my personal experiences in Career and Business. Since I am also interested in politics and common self-development topics, in this blog you may also find my general thought about such topics. Most of the content will be written in English. However, you may find some content still written in Bahasa Indonesia. Happy reading and please don’t hesitate to leave any comments. :)

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