A little bit about Me

Living to Contribute for Others

Dewa, that’s name my friends call me. I’m from Mojokerto, the city in which the Civilization of Mojopahit was developed prosperously. I like reading and culinary travelling. Confident, visionary, open-minded, moderate; but careless, anxious, a little bit arrogant; are my personalities. My principle is living to contribute for others. If I work in team, I try to take a role. Even though I am a little bit dominant person, I am an open-minded person who can elaborate other’s supporting ideas.

Since in Junior High School, I was interested in tweaking computer. My friends used to ask me to repair their computer. I did it with a pleasure. I created design of my school’s poster and calendar. This interest empowered me to re-establish Sooko’s Computer Student (SCS). SCS is extracurricular community of Sooko High School in the field of Computer Science.

I was given a mandate as vice president of SCS. A great leadership is not only based on the position, but also on the contribution. I served not only as vice chairman, but also as main trainer. I pioneered to make the teaching curriculum. With the team, we thought computer science to all members. Science our stewardship, SCS has risen from its long hibernation. Until now, SCS always invites me to be keynote speaker in its annual events.

In 2006, I won Mojokerto Tourism Ambassador Contest. I was chosen as Gus, the term for Mojokerto Tourism Ambassador. Being Gus of Mojokerto teaches me how to be an awesome public speaker. It also enables me to enlarge network. I represented Mojokerto in East Java Raka-Raki Competition. I met outstanding persons which have unique inspiration. There is no good leadership without good network. Building network is crucial necessity to be a good leader.

I do what I love and I love what I do. That’s why I continued studying at Department of Informatics ITS. Programming, Database System, and Computer Network are subjects I love. So is doing some researches in field of Software Engineering.

I was trusted to run Informatics Student Government Organization as vide-president. I initiated to create the organization controlling system. I learned not only to manage it well but also to give a big impact for others. We succeeded to cadre many lower-grade students. The number increased more than 80%, from 98 to 179.

Now, I spend my last year in under-graduate grade to contribute in ITS Student Government Organization (BEM) as Minister of Information and Communication. I re-structuralize the system of VIVAT Press. Today, VIVAT is not only the name of bulletin, but it transforms to the big brand of BEM ITS Publication. We create web page, FB page, twitter, media partner system, and other innovative ways to publish the issues.

Another big dream in BEM ITS I should realize is Succeeding Indonesia Bersinar Movement. I initiated national-scaled movement. The idea is simple: spreading the light of optimism entire the nation. Now, Indonesia Bersinar becomes the most massive movement in BEM ITS.

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